This is no ordinary wine…

Our wine is handcrafted from start to finish. From the hand picked and sorted quality grapes to the small batch oak barrel vinification, you will find our wine to be the most natural example of how wine was made in past times. It is not mass-produced by mechanical means that do most of the work, but cared throughout the entire process the good old-fashioned way- using our own hands literally. The outcome – a high quality premium wine you are sure to enjoy! Inquire within..


Our Tiny Boutique Winery

For the past decade we have been making wine for our own consumption. We fell in love with the wine making process, ceremonial bottling parties and routine trips to Eastern Washington where we think source the best wine grapes in the world. In the end we liked our results so much that we decided to step in direction rather devious – in 2012 when we opened a small boutique winery, keeping the same balance and personal approach to wine and wine making. Fast forward….. today, we offer you to taste the results of our hard work and dedication. Inquire within!