This is no ordinary wine…

Our wine is handcrafted from start to finish. From the hand picked and sorted quality grapes to the small batch oak barrel vinification, you will find our wine to be the most natural example of how wine was made in past times. It is not mass-produced by mechanical means that do most of the work, but cared throughout the entire process the good old-fashioned way- using our own hands literally. The outcome – a high quality premium wine you are sure to enjoy! Inquire within..



Bonum vinum laetificat cor hominis

An old Latin Proverb from Roman times emphasizes “Good wine gladdens a person’s heart”. Same goes for us in modern times too – we love everything about wine. But the most gratification we get in this profession is when we create something that pleases our customer’s heart. And it goes without saying that we, as winemakers, placing time, motion and heart on the table, are fully submerged in our roles to produce an ally to your heart. In wine there is happiness and we would like to pass this on to you.